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Forum Thread: How to Kill Fleas in the Yard Naturally

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to kill fleas in your yard naturally. We will be using a natural remedy that is extremely effective. Unlike every other toxic product, this formula is completely safe for humans, pets and the environment. Most homeowners do not realize the potential side effects that these harsh chemicals can cause. They may work great for killing fleas in yards but they can also harm your children and animals. There are 100% natural ways to get rid of these pests...

Forum Thread: Faucet Sprayer

I hope someone can help.I have a peerless kitchen faucet with a spayer mounted beside it and recently it stopped spraying when I press it only small amount of water will spray out and what is coming out of main faucet does not stop like used to can anyone please tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it?

Forum Thread: Good Afternoon Everyone,

Recently I was given a wood dresser. I brought it home washed it inside and out let it dry a while and placed it in house then returned drawers. Well now the drawers will not open. I mean wont budge. Have I ruined this peice of furniture? Does anyone know how to get the drawers unstuck? Currently its like a wooden vault, with no key or combination to open.... Thanks

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Mealybugs

What Are Mealybugs? Mealybugs are snowy-colored insects, soft in body. They mostly inhabit warm climates, clinging closely to plants grown indoors and outdoors. With their cotton like soft body, they inject a stylet (long sucking mouthpart) into plants to suck-up the sap from plant tissues. At base level, Mealybugs do seem harmless. However, when an infestation increases in number, the consequences include a weak plant, curling and yellowing of leaves. To elude the effects of an all out attac...

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Leafminers Naturally

Leafminers aren't picky about their dwelling. If you were a plant, healthy or puny, they'd invade your leaves too. From the luscious of home gardens to the most unkempt greenhouse, you'll find a few Leafminers there. Really, what are these notorious Leafminers? Leafminers are seen as insects in their larval stage or in plain terms, larva. These insects in their larval stage, feast on the tissues of plants. In extreme cases, a leaf would be infested with at least 6 maggots. It's highly plausib...

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