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Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Leafminers Naturally

Leafminers aren't picky about their dwelling. If you were a plant, healthy or puny, they'd invade your leaves too. From the luscious of home gardens to the most unkempt greenhouse, you'll find a few Leafminers there. Really, what are these notorious Leafminers? Leafminers are seen as insects in their larval stage or in plain terms, larva. These insects in their larval stage, feast on the tissues of plants. In extreme cases, a leaf would be infested with at least 6 maggots. It's highly plausib...

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are attracted to fruits. This makes it quite the challenge to protect your fruits from them. As a common-placed challenge for homeowners, many have failed miserably to eradicate them from their home. Fortunately, I've cooked up five(5) practical suggestions that any homeowner can take to get rid of fruit flies.

Forum Thread: How to Become an Owner Builder. Episode 3!

Hi guys. Welcome to Episode 3 of my Owner Builder Series. In this video we go for a walk through the old property prior to any renovating taking place. We then talk to Tony Ross from Design Studio 22 in Coffs Harbour. Design Studio 22 was the company we approached to draw up our renovation plans. Tony and l have a look at the existing plans and then go on to reveal the Final Design! Check it out and let us know what you think. :-)

Forum Thread: Will Soapy Water Kill My Zucchini?

I had aphids and or other bugs on the flowers of my zucchini's and so I used soapy water on them last night but didn't have a chance to water them this morning as I usually do and now their look wilty?? I did water them as soon as I got home today and hope I haven't killed them!!

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants in Your Bathroom

Do you need some help with getting rid of little black ants in your bathroom? There are many different species of ants that could be invading this sacred area. Pharaoh ants are the most common type found in bathrooms. Little black Argentine and odorous house ants can also come in from the outside and make a nest in your walls. It is usually helpful to know which species you are dealing with to formulate the proper extermination strategy. However, unless you have an entomologist on speed dial,...